Friday, March 11, 2011

Susan - Ah! Soka  (Do You Believe In Mazic, 1980)

Do you believe in mazic? There's tons of mazic to believe in. For example, Marina Mazic, a professional basketball player in Croatia, who averaged 25 points last season. Or, Casimir Mazik, the best dentist in Chicago. Or the mysterious Maja Mazic, who placed 12th in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a couple years ago.

Susan Nozaki believed in all forms of mazic, and so did Yukihiro Takahashi of Yellow Magic Orchestra (by then he was over the whole Tammy Wynette fiasco). When Yuki met Susan at a TV studio in 1980 he was so impressed by her energetic personality he got the entire YMO crew together and convinced them to be the backing band and produce her mazical debut album.

As for Susan, she was the daughter of a Japanese woman and an American military man of French ancestry -- the ultimate genetic smoothie according to Phil Donahue. Over the years she has starred in countless Japanese musicals, TV shows and commercials and is now trying to re-establishing herself as a performer of techno music (let's ignore that little detail, shall we?).

In the early 80s an attempt was made to launch Susan's career in England, but as fate would have it, the trip coincided with the outbreak of hostilities between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands (damn it Argentina!). Don't cry for Susan, though: the following year she married a member of The Rokkets (every girl's dream), got pregnant and has been blissfully happy ever since.


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Alex said...

Love it. Susan's voice is absolutely mazical!