Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sam Hui - Genius & Idiot  (The Last Message, 1975)

Below are some more tunes from a stack of 45's I got while in Hong Kong last year. Click to stream. Zip at bottom.

Yao Li & Jing Ting - On The Beach  (The Joy Of Spring, 1966)

Lara & The Trailers - Down Town  (This Is My Song, 1967)

Mona Fong - Theme Song  (When The Clouds Roll By, 1968)

Roman Tam - Stolen Heart  (The Singing Escort, 1968)

Xiao Fangfang - Shaking All Over  (The Lady Killer, 1967)

The Sapphires - We Meet Again  (Off Beat Cha Cha, 1967)


Colin Garland said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! Thanks

Alex said...

from the screams of Xiao Fangfang to Sam Hui's heavy breathing—a delight from start to finish. I'm particularly taken by both cover and song of Zhang Di and that Golden Horse Film Company single, and of course "Down Town" by Lara and the Trailers.

Anonymous said...

The songs gave me a new and wonderful experience on HK oldies music. Thsnks!

Holly said...

Loving the cowbell (& panting) in the Sam Hui cut - thank you!