Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In 1974 the Yamaha Corporation produced an album to showcase its remarkable new instrument, the Yamaha Electone E5AR. The organ featured several unusual design innovations, including an invisible third keyboard, a sliding expression pedal, and a cup holder.

After careful consideration the company chose rising talent O'Lyn Callahan as the organist for the recording. Miss Callahan had just been named West Coast Champion in the Yamaha Organ Festival. According to noted composer John Green, "The three principle ingredients of the musical gourmet delight that is O'Lyn Callahan are Talent, Taste, and Technique. To be sure, there are other seasonings, spices, and subtle flavorings in the total bouquet, but THE THREE T's are as intrinsic to the O'Lyn Callahan recipe as a perfect starter is to a really great sourdough bread."

O'Lyn played this in the 1973 Yamaha Electone Organ Festival National Finals. The use of the wah-wah creates the rocket blast-off at the beginning, and the astro sound on the portamento is used on the first three melody notes to create a space effect.

In this selection O'Lyn created various tropical bird effects by using the Portamento, one of the most interesting features on the new organ. All the songs on O'Lyn At The Yamaha E5AR were recorded in real time using only the organ, with no tricks or gimmicks.


Dave In Guelph said...

You had me at "Cup Holder"

b2v said...

what a cuty ! she seems to have turn in a business queen also...

"In 1981, O’Lyn began a 14 year venture into business, opening O’Lyn Callahan’s Piano and Organ Center in Sarasota , FL. O’Lyn became the third woman elected to the board of directors of the National Association of Music Merchants during this time."


Digital Computer said...

are these supposed to be played at the same time, because they sound fucking great that way!

DJ Kone-Rock said...

The 2nd best version of "2001" I've ever heard!!