Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiza - Cancion De Verano  (Juventud, 1972)

In the spring of 1972 Salvador Allende was still the president of Chile, but his popularity was plummeting. He decided he needed better propaganda to rebuild his support among the average Chilean, so he told the minister of the arts to hold a contest for the best young artists producing pro-Allende artwork. The contest was announced at the communist youth group in Santiago where Carlos & Paula Narea were regular members, and when the ambitious siblings heard this they both exclaimed "We have to write songs for Allende!" Their talented comrades Roberto Espinosa and Claudia Vidal wanted to join the effort. Carlos wrote all their parts out on a chalkboard over the piano and that is when Tiza ("chalk" in Spanish) was born.

Allende was quite pleased with their efforts, but unfortunately Tiza was unable to boost his popularity and he was overthrown in a military coup in 1973.


chris beats me said...

The drums sound solid on this, as do the harmonies. Eat it, CSNY!

the saucer people said...

A CIA instigated, backed and funded coup just to be accurate...Allende's popularity was strong amongst the majority of the Chilean population, it was the CIA backed media controlled rich power elite minority that opposed Allende (a little like the situation with Chavez to put a contemporary spin on it) and the success in their orchestrated coup led the way for mass murderer and friend of the Thatchers, General Pinochet to take control...Not only was Allended a cool dude, judging by this music, he was a funky dude! Global history would have been very different had the CIA kept their grubby little paws out of Chile and Latin America....

Just come to your blog via your post in the Growing Bin and I am glad I did, a very impressive music blog.