Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nun-Plus - St. Ives  (Ljubimo, 1970)

Who would've thought that the greatest song ever written on the subject of polygamy would come not from the Middle East or even Utah, but from a group of Catholic nuns in Oregon? One Sunday afternoon in 1970, Sister Marianne Misetech invited two accomplished musicians -- Cookie Routtu and Jeannie Rey Routtu -- to listen to Marianne and her fellow sisters perform her quirky compositions. Cookie and Jeannie Rey had been performing professionally as The Rey Sisters throughout the Pacific Northwest and Europe. They were masters of the piano, marimba, guitar, mandolin, string bass, and drums. When they heard the nuns perform that afternoon they found "a very modern approach to the celebration of life" and they wanted to help them get their songs recorded. At that moment the five nuns and the Rey Sisters became The Nun-Plus. The Croatian titled Ljubimo ("Let Us Love") was released in 1970 on Amato Records, featuring lyrics and music by Marianne Misetech with arrangements by Jeannie Rey Routtu.

"Seven wives?!?!?"


chris beats me said...

Okay, kinda lame to not this, but Die Hard 3 came to mind when I heard this mainly because this 'riddle' is used in the film. Yep. Thanks for another great song...where do you find these?!

b2v said...

ahaha great ! uplifting indeed !

Stu said...

Just fantastic....my daughter loves this record....she wants to hear it on heavy rotation!