Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joe Bravo - Please Call Me Baby  (Please Call Me Baby, 1970)

There are a lot of famous Joe Bravos out there. One is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler whose signature moves are the sleeper hold and the samoan drop. Another is a jockey who has dominated the New Jersey racing circuit since the early 90's but still hasn't won the Big One. But perhaps the most famous Joe Bravo is a painter who uses flour tortillas as the canvas for his acrylic paintings.

La Virgen de Guadalupe #12 and Maya #5, Acrylic on Flour Tortilla, Framed 28" x 28"

And finally there is Joe Bravo, known as "El Playboy", a legendary old-school Tejano musician who, along with Little Joe Hernandez, is credited as one of Tejano music's pioneers. He started out playing dances at the Key City Sportorium on E. Hwy 80 in Abilene, Texas and he reached his pinnacle performing at the inaugural ball of Governor Ann Richards in 1991. He would very much like for you to call him baby.


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jeremy said...

beautiful truly, would love to hear more.