Monday, January 4, 2010

Rak Klang Klong : A Trip through Bangkok's Floating Vinyl Market.  The highlight of any music lover's vacation in Thailand is a foray into the famous Damphoneon Saduk floating vinyl market. Bustling 'klongs' or canals are filled with flat boats piled high with fresh wax; determined old ladies paddle around frantically, ready to stop at a moment's notice to bargain for a stack of thai 45's; collectors in long-tail boats jockey for position and engage in dramatic bidding wars, even diving overboard on occasion to swim after a wayward record. It's colorful, noisy, and great fun... and if you show up early and don't mind getting a little wet, you may come away with a sackful of curiosities that would even make the king smile.

CLICK HERE to stream all of the tracks Thai-radio style. Or, scroll through the image gallery below to hear & download individual tracks. You can also grab 'em all in a zip file at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Chittima, Monthita & Damri - "Rak Proe Chai (A Love-Stained Heart)"  From the 1978 LP entitled Ruean Hor Ror Huai (Waiting For A Lottery Win For The Wedding House). Other amusing song titles on the record include "Why Are You Eating Hay, Man?" and "I'm A Woman, Not A Road!"

Sirima Sunthorn Na Rangsri - "Long Du (Let's Try)"

Wasucha - "Dot Rom (Parachuting)"
From the album Ko Kik Kok (Poor Gangster). "We will certainly meet with you in person someday in the future," Wasucha declares. "Thailand is not wide enough to be an obstacle to our meeting. Wait for our live performance in your province sometime soon. Wasucha will continue to bring you more music as long as you love us."

Phairot Sangwaribut - "Kothan Ko Mi Huachai (Beggars Also Have Hearts)"  (Khi Klak Concrete, 1978) We featured lots more from this album in a post last week. Go here to view it.

Phophin-Trinetr - "Chu Ai Ma Aeo (Telling Lies To Get Out)"
Released in 1984. Other themes explored on the album include crying cowboys and hometown grub.

Suriyan Bunyot - "Rak Mai Long (Can’t Love You)"

"A man's heart flows like water..."

Charam Thepchai & Seksan - "Rao Yok Kafae Ma Wai Nai Ruea (We Bring Coffee Onto The Boat)"
From the album Yor Hor, perhaps the follow up to Yor A Hor.

Phiangphit Siriwilai - "Khon Chai Rai (Heartless One)"

Ong-art Chiraphan - "Sao Ta Ngam (Gorgeous-eyed Girl)"
This is some sort of collaborative album or soundtrack called Sao Ta Ngam, featuring 6 different artists who also join forces for this strange, beautiful song.

Ong Chiraphan participates in counselor training at Camp Feathertail.

Daochai Phaichit - "Kep Wai Thoe-Rak Luang Khong Ther"
Just keep your lying love, she says. From the album Ploen Pleng Kap Daochai Phaichit.

Phonthep Theprat - "Narak"
From the album Yu Di Rue Rai (How’s Life, Good Or Bad?) (1978)

Chairat Thiapthiam - "Chan Tong Leo (I Have To Be Bad)"
From Nang Fa Nai Duang Chai (1978)

Nam Chai - "Kao Thang Khu (Both Old)"
From the album Pai Pai Ma Ma (Back And Forth)

Phimchai Petch-Planchai - "Khon Ban Diew Kan"
A song about folks who are from the same village. Homies, if you will. From the album Khat Rak Hom Chai.

Flight '76 - "Rak Wairun" From the album Bin Pai Kap Khwam Rak (Flying With Love)

The pilot of Flight 76...

...and the crew of Flight 76 would like to wish you a pleasant stay in Bangkok, the City Of Angels.

Phonphan Thammasan - "Mai Mi Ther Nai Sai Fon" From the album entitled Yak Oa Puen Ying Ther Sak Pliang (Want To Get A Gun And Take One Shot At You). My new goal is to obtain a pair of vintage Vovos.

Samat & Phraota - "Do You Know Who I Love?"
From the LP entitled Bok Laew Mai Chuea.

Pi Pat Charti Band - "Sat Chatri"

Suthep Wongkamhaeng - "Phleng Itcha (A Jealous Song)"

Manop Manitprasit - Huang Ther (Worried About Her)"

(A Slave To Love)

Phiangphit Siriwilai - Kat Kan Tit Tor (Out Of Touch)"

The Subaru - "Subaru Banlaeng Chord (The Chords Of The Subaru)" Just when it seemed there was no greater form of transportation than Flight '76, in rolls The Subaru.

Somphop Khongsathittham - "Thong (Gold)"




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Spicy Thai Vinyl! My favourite dish.

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Another stunner.

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what a fantastic compilation!
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