Thursday, December 31, 2009

Phairot Sangwaribut - Ya Lam Daen  (Khi Klak Concrete, 1978)

Phairot Sangwaribut isn’t just a street musician who's worth fewer than 100 baht, according to producer Seksan Sornimsart. He’s become a cult favorite among young and old, and he’s got numerous other talents. Whether he’s singing, writing songs, or sleeping on park benches, he’s brilliant at everything he does.

"Phairot's genius gave me the inspiration to write the song 'Khi Klak Concrete' for him to sing" says Sornimsart. "When the recording session was finished, there was a feeling of satisfaction and gratification for everyone involved, especially for Phairot himself, who admits it was the most fun he's had since winning the Gao Gae tournament at the soup kitchen."

And don't forget Phairot's brilliant sidekick, Amara Boribun. Though she's always a bit annoyed with the antics of her homeless partner, she's willing to pitch in with her very own rendition of "Khi Klak Concrete".

Stay tuned... we've saved the best song from the album for our Thai compilation coming early next week. Happy New Year!