Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ronnie Dunne Quartet - I Hope You're Satisfied
(Introducing the Versatile Ronnie Dunne Quartet, 1967)

In the autumn of 1965, Ronnie Dunne made desperate phone calls to several of his fellow jazz instrumentalists from England, begging them to fly down to Spain in order to help him fulfill a performance contract he had no recollection of signing. He called Buckie, Dave, and John not only because they owed him money, but also for their excellent musicianship -- they had all played with the best jazz musicians in England. Yet upon their arrival in the Canary Islands, Ronnie's shady management team demanded that they all SING as well as play! Besides the fact that there was nothing in the contract requiring them to vocalize a single syllable for the next 50 years, "none of us had even entertained the idea of singing before" said Ron. Naturally the group was tempted to book the next flight home, but after only a year of practice, their four harmonizing voices and numerous instruments made them stars in the Canaries and Majorca. Then they travelled all over Scandinavia, appearing on countless TV and radio broadcasts, stage shows and cabarets. They even made cameos in 3 films, if you can believe that. Their debut album was a mix of covers, swedish folk songs, and original compositions. The originals (including the song above) are the best of the bunch.


Tommy said...

Ponytone Radio is marvellous! Keep up the good work.

Crispy King said...

Are you guys okay? It has been a long time since your last update. I am suffering withdrawal.

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