Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canarios - Trying So Hard  (Get On Your Knees 7", 1968)

The Canarios were a primitive tribe inhabiting the Canary Island Concert Hall when they were first discovered by the conquering Spaniards at the beginning of the 15th century. As they slowly integrated into Spanish society they managed to score several hit singles on the Spanish charts, and they even opened a few shows for The Beach Boys! (too bad it was during the "Kokomo" years). Eduardo "Teddy" Bautista, the tribe leader, was rather fond of wearing teddies but he disbanded the group in the late 60s to enter the military. When his stint was over he happily abandoned his army uniform and returned to his teddies, only to find his bandmates experimenting with synthesizers and talking about symphonic rock, of all things. One can easily guess what happened next... but for now let's focus on their glorious garage days.



VíctorBreaker said...

Sorry, but the habitants of the Canary Islands before the conquest were called "guanches". Canarios are just the habitants of the island, not only before the conquest, but in the 60's were the group was created and of course nowadays.

Johnny Giallo said...

I beg differ, sorry Victor Breaker, but inhabitants of the Canaries were known as Curcumines in the intevening period between Suez Crisis and the Defenestration of Guardiola.

VíctorBreaker said...

What I mean...I live in Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands, and the inhabitants here has been always called "canarios". Before the conquest (years 1402-1496) the inhabitants were called "guanches". The kings were called "menceyes".

So, what I mean, is that the primitive tribe living in the canary islands was the one of the "guanches or aborigenes", and after the conquest were called "Canarios"

I know what I'm talking about, maybe I did not express well, my mother tongue is spanish.

I hope the misunderstanding is now let's talk about the group. My father was friend of Eduardo Bautista's brother, and he has plenty of vinils, but unfortunately he threw them away before I started my collection (only a few months ago). So now, I'm searching another single of the Canarios, even hard to find here in the island, but luckily I have a single I like much,

Greetings, Víctor

victorbreaker said...

Hard to believe...since the last message I've almost all the singles of the Canarios, and also 2 of the Lp's, much difficoult to get are the 3 Ep's of the group being called "los Idolos" covering the Beatles and the LP when the group was called the Canaries

Lucie said...

Hey Victor, wow your father was friend of Eduardo Bautista's brother?!! Can I have your autograph? :)

So which of the other singles and LP's do you recommend? (and is there any chance you'd share a song or two from them?)