Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Circus - Mr. Summertime  (Circus 1, 1973)

Day 3:  Still lost within the jungle of Amazon Japan in an endless maze of "related-album" clicks. After slashing my way through a Hits of '72 compilation with a 25-inch machete, I was able to clear a path to '73, and despite inadequate rations I've become re-energized by hearing a tiny snippet of a song about a gentleman by the name of Summertime. Beyond that, there is no english in sight.   Will update as soon as possible.

Day 4: Helicopter rescue. Finally, after speaking with the on-board translator, devouring a salami sandwich, and changing out of those ridiculously tight overalls, I've been able to make some sense of it all. I even convinced the pilot to make a beeline for Mr. Summertime's hometown to help me track down the original album.

(For fellow hand-clap enthusiasts looking for something only slightly less cheesy than the photo above, the record also contains a lovely jazz-funk tune which continues to grow on me with every listen):