Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rosa King - Summertime  (Summertime, 1977)

The price of cotton's jumping and swordfish are high out of their minds... for a few more days anyway.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Technically speaking this isn't a fashion blog, I know. But there's just no getting around it anymore -- overalls are officially back in style and they're rocking the music scene big-time. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the dusty backroads of Abidjan, no one has ever worn them better than Houn Pierre. Anyone with a layman's knowledge of fashion history knows he trademarked the braided white-rope-belt trend recently resurrected by Lady Gaga.
(Yes, he even wore them in the studio.)

In my opinion, however, it's all about the shoes:
  And oh yeah, I almost forgot -- he wrote and recorded some really great music too. I love the keyboards on this one.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Circus - Mr. Summertime  (Circus 1, 1973)

Day 3:  Still lost within the jungle of Amazon Japan in an endless maze of "related-album" clicks. After slashing my way through a Hits of '72 compilation with a 25-inch machete, I was able to clear a path to '73, and despite inadequate rations I've become re-energized by hearing a tiny snippet of a song about a gentleman by the name of Summertime. Beyond that, there is no english in sight.   Will update as soon as possible.

Day 4: Helicopter rescue. Finally, after speaking with the on-board translator, devouring a salami sandwich, and changing out of those ridiculously tight overalls, I've been able to make some sense of it all. I even convinced the pilot to make a beeline for Mr. Summertime's hometown to help me track down the original album.

(For fellow hand-clap enthusiasts looking for something only slightly less cheesy than the photo above, the record also contains a lovely jazz-funk tune which continues to grow on me with every listen):

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now that King Michael has retired to Eternityland Ranch, we need to find a new Michael, a better Michael, a young Michael. But until cloning is decriminalized in California our only option is to hit the road and audition all of the young soul talent across the country. First up, Kenneth "Lucky" Peterson, a first-grader from Buffalo, New York. As a prodigious organist, guitarist, and drummer, Lucky has already wowed the likes of Doc Severinson and Muddy Waters. Willie Dixon even went so far as to say "he must be one of them classical piano-playin' cats brought back to life!" (which is great but we're hoping to resurrect Michael here, not Mozart).

"When I grow up I'll ride horses like a cowboy," Lucky said and looked for his father's approval. His father put on a mock frown. Lucky said quickly, "I'll take the organ along when I ride my horse."  "No," his father corrected, "you will go to music school as soon as you learn to read. With your god-given talent anything else would be a sin."

Evidently the "Joe Jackson" figure is already well in place, which is very promising, and Lucky has demonstrated his ability to pound out Jackson 5 medleys on the organ -- also very promising. But we're going to need more than that. Can he dance? Can he sing? And more importantly, if Janet wants to do a duet in a spaceship, can he scream? Let's give little Lucky one final chance:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

While we're on the subject of John Travolta, I find it amusing that there were two French singers in 1979 who were smitten enough to record a song about him.

Who knows, there are probably even more franco-travoltian hommages out there. I mean, if his endless series of pelvic thrusts in Perfect didn't inspire at least one Chantal or Frédéric to pick up a guitar, then I don't know what this world is coming to.