Thursday, July 9, 2009

The all but forgotten b-side for the "We Are The World" single was a mere afterthought, a last minute recording thrown together by the only D-list entertainers Quincy Jones could rustle up at 2 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. The single was slated for worldwide release the very next morning so they had to get a move on. Quincy found three singers who had appeared on Star Search, a few subway performers, and a hairy-chested janitor who was wandering around the building in nothing but a vest. He gathered them all into the studio and, in order to quickly generate some lyrics, he asked them to each contribute one syllable.  So, the newly-formed supergroup went around in a circle taking turns, starting with the Star Search contestants and ending with the janitor.  "Do... it... for.... the...... chilled........ beer?"   Quincy paused and scratched his head. He would have to make a slight adjustment to the last syllable, but otherwise these lyrics would suffice. There wasn't much time for tinkering anyway.   By 3:30 the song was finished, the floor was mopped, and the entire crew was outta there. The next day, "We Are The World" became one of the fastest-selling singles of the modern pop era.


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