Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Identity crises abound on this Summer Special from '78, actually a collaboration between Bernard Torelli and his delightfully oenophilic half-brother, J.P. Massiera. With help from the mysterious "Funk Civa Band" and some minor input from Stevie Winwood.


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the saucer people said...

I am at that point in the Massiera/Torelli journey of discovery where my attention has turned from the more well known material to albums like Babette's 'Gypsy' and Friends 'Trans Am Dancing' and of course the many singles they released in the seventies.

I just googled Paul And Virginia's 'I'm A Woman / I'm A Man' to check the cover out, never imagining in a million years someone would have posted a track!

Its amazing to think Macho's version came out in the same year, such different takes on Windwood's phallogocentric identity crisis ;)

So whats the b-side like? I saw on Discogs that its just Massiera & Torelli who get writing credits on it so I am guessing its not just a rework of 'I'm A Man'.

Got to love the French and their gender fixation, one cannot imagine Luce Irigary, Lacan or Derrida being born anywhere else!

All kudos to ya for posting this, my Massiera obsession has been sated for the day!