Thursday, July 2, 2009

Selections from the early film scores of the reclusive and much under-appreciated composer, L. Florentine Zagalahuchi. Includes themes from such films as The Gold Letter Tower Of Flying Drama (1958), Twilly Blue (1971), Will Be Willing To Be Better Tomorrow (1982), Fat Upsurge IV (1969), and This Being Free, It Is Foppish! (1979). As far as the compilation, there's not a lot of info written on the back of the record, just that it was released by the Czech label Wiptoffa in 1987.

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Lucie said...

In case anyone is curious, the mix contains portions of the following songs, sometimes overlapping. (RPMs are noted when they vary from the original intended speed):

Michael W. Smith Project - First Light

Beaver & Krause - Another Part of Time/People's Park (at 45 RPM)

Storm Bugs - Water Bottle Wasp

Lucien Bertolina et Georges Boeuf - Grand Jardin (at 45 RPM)

Merit Hemingson & Folkmusikgruppen - Elverumvisan (at 45 RPM)

Wei Chung Loh - Parting At Yanh Kwan

Dave Sarkys - Air Waves

Papete - Ponteio (at 45 RPM)

Deux Filles - Children Of Clay

J.B. Barlow & W.A. Pocock - Auscultation Of The Heart

Don Jenkins - Over The Rainbow (at 45 RPM)

Bullitt Central High School Music Department - Over The Rainbow

Richard Schneider Jr. - Birds And Children (at 45 RPM)

Pierre Bachelet - Ivory Coast Drums

Elmer Bernstein - Rudy & Tripper (from the Meatballs soundtrack) (at 45 RPM)

Tony Conrad - Four Violins

Tevin Campbell - Round & Round (Soul Dub) (at 45RPM)

Hayu Manginot - Those Were The Tunes

Jim Fassett - Symphony Of Birds

Nuno Canavarro - Crimine

Michael Iceberg & The Amazing Iceberg Machine - Robot Revolt

Aicha Reli Zania - Khraifi

Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - random portions looping and overlapping (Superflash, 1982)

Ron Capone & His Orchestra - Gloo Gloo Water Trumpet (at 33 RPM)

Etron Fou Leloublan - random clips

Fleischhauer, Carl (Recorder) - Omaha Pow-Wow in Macy, Nebraska, 1983

1968 Original Broadway Cast of Zorba - Life Is

The Vampires of Dartmoore - Mord im Ohio-express

Yabancilar - Agit

Ni Lemon & Dari DJangger - Lagoe Taboehgari