Friday, July 17, 2009

Becky Mello - Kealakekua  (Becky, 1978)

"People often wonder how songs are written", Becky Mello said in 1978. "Perhaps energy writes songs. A combination of human, environmental, and cosmic energies zeroing-in on someone who acts merely as interpreter."

So she had the energy thing worked out -- she even made sure to give these "conglomerate energies" co-writing credit on each of her songs. Now all that was left to be resolved was which of these two glamour shots of Becky would go on the back of the record and which would go on the inner sleeve:


Becky battled with her promoters from RLM Records until the wee hours of the morning, and although the exact details of the numerous shady deals that went down are still a mystery, there was definitely some blackmail, intimidation, and a gift certificate to Kimo's Surf Shop involved. As the sun rose over Kailua Kona, they finally reached a consensus. Any guesses as to what was decided?