Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the summer of '78 Yukihiro Takahashi went to Paris for two weeks, and he spent the entire time reading the newspaper. Tammy Wynette had just married George Richey, and the Boston College basketball team was in the midst of a point-shaving scandal.

Yuki worried obsessively whether that "gold-digging baka yarou" would treat Tammy right, unlike her previous four husbands, and if his favorite team could ever bounce back from disgrace.

After two agonizing weeks the blues ensued. Yuki washed the newsprint off his fingers and caught the next flight back to Tokyo.


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Atall said...

I remember seeing this angular-faced chap playing guitar with Japan at the Hammersmith Apollo. He brought a kind of Duran Duran funkiness to the music. Good times.