Saturday, June 6, 2009

James Jeans was the very first company in Finland to produce American-style jeans. The company's advertising executive, Oie Salo, insisted that the jeans be designed exactly like the ones he saw American sailors wearing down at Helsinki Harbour every Friday night. He also insisted on naming the jeans after the hottest film star of the time: James Dean. The latter request was flatly refused by the elderly CEO of the company -- well, at least until his son took him to see East of Eden. After that, not only was he was gung-ho about the idea, but he snuck downstairs in the middle of the night and used his wife's sewing machine to make his own pair of super tight jeans with the letters R-E-B-E-L embroidered across the butt. James Jeans became an instant success and continued to be the biggest jeans brand in Finland until the mid-1970s. Many Finnish rock bands performed on tours sponsored by James Jeans, and some of them, including Utopia, recorded songs for their commericals. The "King of the Road" ad featured a shirtless guy wearing James' signature Western-Style jeans.

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this is an irrefutable hoot.