Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ismail Haron - Tolong Damaikan  (Ilham Pujangga, 1972)

As the leader of the The Vigilantes in late 60s Singapore, Ismail Haron borrowed so heavily from Tom Jones' song catalog and unique style of performance that he was given the nickname "The Tom Jones of Singapore". (Actually that was one of the daily-doubles on Jeopardy last night). Izzy wasn't offended by the moniker, but he insisted that Tom Jones was not his main idol. He said his inspirations were black singers, and he claimed that he was the very first musician in ALL of Singapore to "do a James Brown ditty."   (Only God and Alex Trebek know the truth)

After a successful solo career, Mr. Haron moved to Australia in 1977 and spent the next 18 years performing in Aussie nightclubs, including The Gat Club and The Pinocchio.

And now for some door prizes. Whoever is holding ticket stub #CW2355 and is able to name the original performer of this song will receive two free passes to Ismail's 10pm show at the Gat Club this Friday night.


Anonymous said...

is it Sam Cooke?

Lucie said...

No, I don't think Sam ever did a version of the song. But that's an admirable guess, Mr. A. Shnonymous

Ernie Goggins said...

It's Mammy Blue by Los Pop Tops (and just about everybody else - I think Roger Whittaker's is my favourite version)