Thursday, June 11, 2009

On a chilly October morning in 1965, Gökçen Kaynatan glanced at his watch for the twentieth time as he waited for his mates to show up for band practice at the Erkek Lisesi gymnasium in Istanbul. The same tired thoughts ran through his mind -- would Orhan have bothered to take a shower within the past week? Would Yuksel have forgotten his bass lines again? Would Mustafa even show up at all or would he claim yet again to have choked on a mulberry at breakfast? In short, Gökçen was fed up. What else could he conclude except that humans were far too lazy, unreliable, and just plain STINKY to collaborate with on a musical basis? And so it came to pass on that fateful autumn morning that the music world became a vastly more exhilarating place, when Gökçen Kaynatan ditched his rock band (The Shadows) and bravely set off on a solo journey into the world of electronic music. Please join me in shouting Şa şa şa!   I'm pretty sure that's turkish for hip hip hurrah.


walkathon said...

My oh my, that's good.

Alex said...

I'd like to see the movie montage that's set to this one.