Thursday, March 5, 2009

Masataka "Hank" Sasaki was born and raised in a small village on Kyushu Island in southern Japan. When he was fifteen he heard a Hank Williams song on the radio, and the feeling of that song not only touched his heart -- it changed the course of his life. From that moment on his only ambition was to become a country singer. He taught himself the guitar and listened to American records, and even though he didn't understand all of the words, he repeated and imitated the voices he heard.

At the age of 18, Masataka moved to the city of Fukuoka and joined The Blue Rangers, a well-known local band who played at military bases in the area. American servicemen nicknamed him "Hank" when they heard him sing.

After that, Hank owned and managed The Chuck Wagon night club, where he entertained nightly as the leader of the Chuck Wagon Family Band. Eventually he moved to Nashville and recorded this album. As his manager Carol Wass says, "when you hear Hank sing you'll realize his strong devotion to country music is genuine".