Monday, February 9, 2009

“For our seventh wedding anniversary, Bill took me to see Kenny Loggins at the Pine Bluff Convention Centre” writes Hillary Clinton in her soon-to-be published memoirs United Statesmen. “That was when I first became aware of his wandering eye. Kenny’s backing singers were a group of four sisters and brothers introduced as the Waters family, and one of the sisters was a real cutie called Maxine. We had front row tickets, naturally, and Bill could not tear his eyes away from the little minx, even during Footloose for heaven’s sake. I was heartbroken to observe his excitement taking shape in the tight powder blue slacks he was wearing. When we returned home he suggested a lil’ ole roll in the hay, which was his playful euphemism for sexual intercourse. Something inside me snapped - I threw my glass of milk over him and shouted ‘Save it for Maxine, buster!’”

Waters, as the sibling singing group was known, enjoyed a lucrative career backing Loggins, Glenn Frey, Paul Simon and many other over-rated white men, but the highlight of their career came in this song from their only album, released back in 1975, the year that Bill and Hillary had tied the knot.


Anonymous said...

The Waters what an awesome Family!

The Waters are truly "Historical".
They have sung on more Platinum and
Gold records than any other group still too this day....

Go Maxine, Julia, Luther, and of
course the baby of the group Oren:
Still Waters Run Deep
The Waters....

By D Kelly

Anonymous said...

I love the Waters, Julia, Maxine, Luther, and Oren. They are talented, beautiful, and still having a tremendous impact on todays music.

What a wonderful legacy!

Shirley (Patton) Holland