Saturday, January 24, 2009

Listen baby, if you've lived a little and loved a little and laughed a little,   you've just gotta know about wine.   And I've lived and loved and laughed... a LOT.



Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama is calling on all Americans to work to solve the nation's problems by volunteering for national service. "Whether it's sheltering the homeless, painting walls, or providing a loving home to orphaned mixtapes throughout the world, we can't allow any idle hands," Obama said. "Everybody's got to be involved. Everybody's going to have to pitch in, and I think the American people are ready for that."

Ponytone has risen to the challenge by establishing The Mercy Home for Abandoned Mixtapes, where our mission is to bring new life and new hope to mixes that might otherwise be forgotten forever. We believe every mix is precious and full of potential.

The first lovely mix in this series was rescued from the Wise Penny thrift store in Baltimore, Maryland.   Mixer: Unknown.   Highlight: "Memories" by Morris Albert.