Thursday, July 10, 2008

Onra - Relax In Mui Ne  (Chinoiseries, 2007)

In 1954, during the last days of French imperial rule in Indochine, renegade astronomer Alain Gache became obsessed with the idea of intelligent life beyond the stars. One of his experiments involved transmitting recordings of Vietnamese popular music towards La Voie Lactée, also known as The Milky Way. Later that year Gache was killed by Ho Chi Minh's militia and his work was forgotten. Last year, however, the ONRA astronomical observatory in Hanoi began to receive strong audio signals from the galactic centre of Sagittarius. These signals appeared to be reflected fragments of Gache’s music, curiously looped and reshaped and they have now been made available to the public. It is hard not to conclude that the music has indeed been reassembled by a sentient being, evidence at last that we are not alone.



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Please provide a link to where I can listen to the signals made public.