Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"You have seen how gently a leaf can fall to the ground only to be picked up and tumbled across the ground by a breeze, and you probably have observed an eagle winging his way across the sky then spreading his wings to soar high above the earth. Children will enjoy these and many others as they learn through the fantasy of pretending."

Somehow I can't resist buying every children's record I see, even though I don't have any children, and even though 90% of the records are terrible. It's just that I don't want to miss out on something like this.   Pretend To Be is full of charming little songs that were written arranged and conducted by Steve Wienecke, with background vocals by The Melody House Singers (a.k.a. his wife Kaye and a guy named Les). It was released by Melody House Recordings out of Oklahoma City in 1978.


Jude said...

two words:

countless awesome.

Alex O. Williams said...

ten words:

"High Stepping Horses" and "Pretend With Me" are two more.