Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gadi Elon - Smilin Eyes  (Gadi Elon, 1976)

Gadi Elon was an Israeli lounge singer who captivated audiences from the trenches of the Israeli wars to the nightclubs of New York and Las Vegas. Presumably he sold this privately pressed record at his shows. According to the liner notes the song "Smilin Eyes" was especially written for Gadi by Butch Poverno and George Bitzer, who are also credited with background vocals. A bit of googling revealed that George Bitzer was also the main keyboardist on Andy Gibb's Shadow Dancing LP and wrote the theme song for the cartoon "Galaxy High" (not to take the spotlight away from Gadi or anything).


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Jude said...

too smooooooth for words. professional caliber crooning!