Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to Sweden House... we offer a tantalizing array of traditional dishes including jazzsoppa, kropfunkakor and discöttbullar, all topped with a thick layer of melted hushallost! Here's what's featured on today's smorgasbord:

LOFFE'S STORBAND -- "Tatty Bowow"  from the album Loffe's Dance Party And Fun (1975)

Legendary drummer Janne "Loffe" Carlsson is probably best known for his comedic roles in Swedish films, where he was usually typecast as a mischievous, fun-loving bachelor. He was also a member of the Swedish prog-duo Hansson & Karlsson (with Bo Hanssonn on organ). This LP was the first of 4 humorous jazz records Loffe released in 1975 with his big band Space-Crystal-Sound.

GÅRUNT SHOW OCH BERNT DAHLBÄCK -- "Allida Gullmaj"  from the album Full I Garv (1971)

Dahlbäck was a comedian and musician who formed a group called Gårunt Show (Go Around Show) in 1962. The band released many humorous albums throughout the 1970s, until Bernt was hit by a malignant cancer and died at age 38.

PUGH ROGEFELDT - "Mer, Mer, Mer"  from the album Attityder (1978)
Rogefeldt made his breakthrough in the late 1960s with rock albums such as Ja, dä ä dä and Pughish. And unlike most other Swedish musicians who wanted to achieve international success, he insisted on posing with guns on his album covers.

MONICA TÖRNELL -- "Bush Lady"  from the album Bush Lady (1977)

Törnell released several rock albums in the late 70s but her greatest claim to fame came 10 years later when she represented Sweden at the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest.

TOWA CARSON -- "Doctor'n Sa"
 : from the album Tillbaka Igen (1976)

Born Brigit Carlson, she got the nickname Towa from her father, who called her "Min lilla Tova" in reference to her tangled hair ("tova" means "tangle" in Swedish). Tangled or not it looks like a wig to me, and for about 2 years I really thought she was a man in drag. Ms. Carson had her biggest success in the 50s and 60s, when she recorded many duets with Lasse Lönndahl. But she never sought an international career despite being wooed by Germany and the US. She was a very active participant in the Swedish song contest Melodifestivalen (a preselection for Eurovision) but she never won. In 2004, at the age of 68, she teamed up with several other veteran Melodifestivalen participants and entered the contest again. The stunt garnered a lot of media attention due to the average age of the ladies far exceeding 60. The group advanced all the way to the semifinal round thanks to their popularity with televoters and took the tenth place on the final night. Hee haw!

CAROLINES -- "Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love Again"  from the album Carolines (1978)  Perfect late-seventies soft rock.

MERIT HEMINGSON -- "Tanga!"   from the album Balsam (1975)

Funky goodness from the Swedish queen of the Hammond organ.

FORBES -- "Do It"   from the album Big Deal (1977)

After imploring us to "do it" about 100 times, the most exciting moment of the song comes at 1:22 when they finally reveal what it is they want us to do! Too bad I don't speak Swedish.

BORTALAGET -- "I Feel Fine"   from the album På Hemmaplan (1976)

I don't enjoy most Beatles covers but this one kicks some serious rumpa.

LILL, ULRIKA, & PATRIK -- "Katterna i Emmaboda"  from the album I Det Lilla, Lilla Lande (1973)

Lill Lindfors was most famous for suffering a wardrobe malfunction live at the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, after passing through a part of the elaborate set. She later admitted it was a gag, and it remains one of the most iconic moments in the contest's history. This was an album she did with a couple of kids (Ulrika Andersson & Patrik Boman) to show that even leukemia patients can rock out. But I know you're thinking "enough about the dying children, just show me the wardrobe malfunction!!!"  So without further ado:

(personally I refuse to believe it was planned. But ahem, let's get back to the mix)

TEQUILA -- "Communication"   from the album Power (1973)

Can you spot the lone Swede, who lived in a one-room apartment in Stockholm with his Mexican and English bandmates, and was forced at gunpoint to sing in English?

DECIBELL SINGERS -- "Stopp"   from the album Decibell Singers (1975)   Such rad outfits. It's obvious they'd come a very long way since their gig at the local ice rink:

JET -- "It's A Beautiful Morning"
  from the album Mixed Emotions (1982)

This one's almost too cheesy even for me. But not quite. Lately I can't help but sing it in the shower practically every morning.

JAN BERTHOLDSSON -- "Säsongen Är Kort"   from the album Säsongen Är Kort (1980)

MERIT HEMMINGSON & Folkmusikgruppen -- "Jämtländsk Brudmarsch '73"   from the album Bergtagen (1973)

GIMMICKS -- "New York"
  from the album Gimmicks Of Sweden (1972)

The Gimmicks were created in 1968 by the Swedish musician, producer, arranger Leif Carlquist. Inspired by the samba & bossa rhythms of Sergio Mendes he successfully shaped a unique image blend for his new group. They toured so extensively throughout the world that many believed they were an international group, and not, in fact, one of Sweden's first musical exports. But King Carl Gustav knew! And he granted them the ULTIMATE national accolade in 1974 by inviting them to perform at his wedding to Queen Silvia. I just can't believe they had the gall to wear shorts:

INGEMAR OLSSON & HANS GÄNG -- "Livets Egen Lag"   from the album Genomskådad (1975)

INGMAR JOHANSSON -- "Eleanor Rigby"
 : from the album Bildspråk (1979)

A breezy jazz version of the song.

JANNE LUCAS PERSSON - "On The Run"   from the album Ad Lib (1977)

Highlighted by an amazing keyboard interlude.






Jeremy said...

bush lady is unbelievable

Lucie said...

I know, those fake accents crack me up. "ay-lo... ay-lay... ay-lo lady, ay-lo boosh lay-dee!" It's a mindbogglingly great song though.

Jude said...

this is a bona fide TROVE!!!! ...nearly shat myself.

Leo Rattans said...

Great fun, this. Not all good of course, but I really enjoyed to hear where found some of their stuff.

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