Monday, May 12, 2008

Dennis The Fox - Piledriver  (Mother Trucker, 1975)

Seattle native Dennis Caldirola recorded a handful of demos in the early 70's and shopped them around LA in the hopes of scoring a record deal. No such luck. After being told repeatedly that the music was "too versatile", he released the songs himself on the Musart label (only 1000 copies were pressed). He then went on to much more glamorous careers as a cruise director, charity auctioneer, and the leader of an Italian rockabilly group. "Piledriver" has been a favorite of mine for about 6 years, although the closest I've ever come to actually owning the original LP was grabbing an acquaintance's copy in the middle of the night and making a run for it. I was in 4-inch heels so I didn't get very far, and now I wish I'd never even seen it because it completely shattered my idea of what a fox named Dennis should look like.


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