Thursday, May 22, 2008

An accomplished singer, a jazz group, and a chorus of children with terrible pitch all join forces for an album of original songs about contemporary sociological issues. The results are at times disastrous, e.g. a doozy called "The White House Needs A Girl Like Me", made only slightly more tolerable by imagining it's an exhausted, desperate Hillary making a last ditch effort to plead her case...

... but luckily on several songs the disparate elements all come together in a charmingly quirky way. And thankfully the kids are given a short recess during Selah's excellent jazz number.

Edith Hill & The Children - Old L.A.

Edith Hill & The Children - The Red, White, And Black

Selah - The Corner

(from the album Symposium, released on the private label The Peppered Snowfall in 1972)