Monday, March 17, 2008

Sally Eaton - Flowers In The Air (Farewell American Tour, 1971)

Sally's main claim to fame was creating and playing the role of the 'Hippie Witch' in the broadway musical Hair. This was her only LP. Usually I can't stomach songs drenched in sitars about digging groovy colors , but this one just so happens to rock.



Anonymous said...

One of my favorite albums of all time! Lost my copy 20+ years ago, now who has a turntable!?

Starsailor said...

hi, would you happen to have the whole album ? would you share it ?
thanks !

Alex said...

"drunken-blends?" well, now I feel like a gullible fool over the David Lee & the Platano Bunch... but I guess now it's OK for me to say the word 'flowers' again, right? this song "Flowers In the Air" was great, and one of my favorites on my self-inflicted Ponytone Mix #4.