Monday, March 31, 2008

The funky Parisian combo was considering hiring a vocalist when they met a young & unknown David Lee Roth at Cafe Wha in NYC. After that night in the studio, no one in the group ever mentioned the word 'vocalist' again.



Alex O. Williams said...

are you kidding. that was THE David Lee Roth I was listening to? and now I'll never mention the word 'vocalist' ever again, or the word 'croissant' or even the words 'eiffel' or 'flowers.' in any case, I admit: this was one of the best tracks on the tremendously wonderful 16-track Ponytone mix I threw together on my i-tunes for some afternoon musical enjoyment today. now I bet you're wondering what my other favorites were. well, I'll tell ya:

Anonymous said...

David Lee Roth soundboard?