Saturday, March 8, 2008

Birgit Lystager - Ready To Meet You (Ready To Meet You, 1971)

Birgit Lystager was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1946. Musically she has been described as the Danish cross between Astrud Gilberto and Karen Carpenter, with the icy Scandinavian jazz vocal approach of singers like Monica Zetterlund and Karin Krog. The real magic lies within her three lps from the 1970s, when her music became much more sophisticated and absolutely atypical of anything from that era of Danish popular music. Ready To Meet You and Love's Labyrinth in particular are full of artfully written songs with lush, expansive arrangements and unexpected chords, bubbling with a bit of bossa and some cool grooves laid out on organ and piano.

Birgit Lystager - Just Before Dawn (Love's Labyrinth 1972)

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Alex said...

my Ponytone mix #4 was riddled with the music of Birgit Lystager. I especially liked her "Ready to Meet You" and "I'm Nothing But a Girl." as it was playing, I spontaneously quoted a few lyrics from the latter to a heavy-metal-type male colleague at work. (I thought he'd been listening to the song, but I guess not. he thought I was being filthy.)