Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who is Al Harrington? Ask this question to any long-time Hawaii resident and you will get many different answers. Some will recall his academic achievements at Hawaii's famous Punahou school. Others will proudly remember that he was Hawaii's first All-American football player and that the Baltimore Colts tried to draft him in 1952. Or perhaps they will recall his starring role as Detective Ben Kokua on the hit television series Hawaii Five-O.

But most Hawaiians will tell you he was the extraordinary entertainer who had long-running revues at the Sheraton Polynesian Palace and Ala Moana Hotel, dazzling audiences with his witty stage banter and expressive songs. He was able to capture the essence of these shows on I Love This Land, his 1975 lp for Maui Records.

"Al Harrington is a beautiful man. His ruggedly handsome face surely qualifies him for stardom."

And who are we to argue with the liner notes? Good looks aside, however, his warm renditions of Hawaiian songs make it clear he really does 'love this land', while other songs showcase his vast repertoire of mating calls and occasional funky jive talk.

Al Harrington - Love Calls

Al Harrington - Minoi Koni Au


Mikey Utah said...

wow, how bizarre. I went to HS with Al's Utah. So I think you can file this one with Ricky Tanner.

Carol said...

Enjoyed his show a couple of times when I visited Hawaii. Whatever happened to him?