Monday, March 26, 2007

When Morrey Davidson recorded his first album at the age of 74 he had already been writing songs for over 50 years, many of them published by the nation's top music publishers and performed by leading artists from around the world. His triumph was perhaps the 1927 classic "Get 'Em In A Rumble Seat" performed by the Six Jumping Jacks. But in 1973 Morrey realized his 75th birthday was only months away, so he decided it was high time to interpret his own compositions for a change. He called up his old gang of famed instrumentalists, including Tony Mattola (one of Perry Como's favorite guitarists), Bob McCoy from the Tonight Show Orchestra, and a few stragglers from the NY Philharmonic Orchestra. He even convinced Marty Gold to co-produce the record. Marty was super busy scoring the music for the Lloyd Bridges TV series "Water World", but how could he turn down a friend on his death bed? Mr. Bridges would just have to be patient.

The results were astonishing. You can hardly tell that Morrey doesn't know a note of music (as revealed on the back of the lp). And the stamped red lettering on the cover says it all: "At 75 he sings like 25". Hear it and you'll believe it.