Saturday, March 24, 2007

Prince Nico Mbarga's band Rocafal Jazz headlined for years at the Naza Hotel in Onitsha, Nigeria, blending Ibo and Zairian guitar-playing with the upbeat Panco dance rhythm of Eastern Nigeria. Upon the massive success of their single "Sweet Mother", which sold 13 million copies and remains one of the most popular African songs of all-time, Nico ditched the hotel in pursuit of his ultimate fantasy. In other words, he did what anyone would do in his situation -- he high-tailed it to England to become a glam-rock god! As for the Naza Hotel, sadly I was unable to verify its continued existence. But if you are honeymooning in the area I recommend the Benjay Guest Inn or the Ginkay Suites on Ozalla Road.

"Though diminutive in appearance and unassuming in manner, Nico's musical verve is truly gigantic" -- Dan Kahn

Aki Special

Free Education In Nigeria


(from the album Aki Special released in 1977 by the Rogers All Stars label in Nigeria)