Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Romero Family (from left to right: Al, Mary Lou, Cherise, Alfredo, Maxine, Bill, and Flavia) recorded this regional hit back in 1983 at the Rendezvous Studios in Honolulu, and although David Geffen offered to fly the entire family out to Los Angeles to record a follow up, they chose instead to ride off into the Oahu sunset. Lord knows why. But they make it very clear in "I Believe In God" that they don't approve of superstars, organic food, or foreign cars -- so perhaps they just couldn't handle their burgeoning celebrity status and the lifestyle it demanded. Last month I ran into Alfredo Romero, covered in tattoos, pedaling leis in front of the Opportunity Village charity shop on West Oakey Blvd. in Las Vegas.

UPDATE: I received this kind letter from Mary Lou Romero. It appears some of my information was erroneous, and I apologize. The guy I saw in Vegas looked exactly like Alfredo Romero, but it was not him. Here's what Mrs. Romero had to say:

"It's nice to be remembered, but as the Mom of the Romero family, I can assure you that the current news you reported about Alfredo Romero in Vegas and also about The Romero Family being offered a record contract by David Geffen is not true, though we desired very much to receive such an offer.... There are surely many who would like to know what we are really doing now. Thanks again for remembering us, and please, at least consider replacing the info you posted on your site with the following short text:

The Romero Family (from left to right: Alfredo Sr. , Mary Lou, Cherisa, Alfredo Jr., Maxine, Bill, and Flavia) recorded this original hit in 1983 at Rendezvous Studios in Honolulu. Entertaining and bringing the Gospel to tourists for many years in Waikiki, they recorded 2 more albums together (White Dove & White Dove Country) and released a country single they recorded with Buck Owens' Buckaroos at their Bakersfield studio. Alfredo Sr. and Maxine still entertain occasionally in Waikiki, Mary Lou is still recording her music (www.love1.de), Alfredo Jr. is still recording and is a music minister in CA, Cherisa is an aesthetician, and Bill & Flavia Busche are ministers/counselors in their local church in Hawaii."